During this dissertation the technical characteristics of a radial flow pump were examined....

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The grade of this final year project was 58%.

Although i am not posting the long section which covers the pump theory, since it was copied from the web!

Executive Summary

During this dissertation the technical characteristics of a radial flow pump were examined. Using the laboratory facilities of the university, the pump was tested and the characteristic curves were determined.

The influence of the rotational speed and the angle of the diffusion casing vanes were also examined.

In addition the hydraulic losses of the pump were also calculated and the theoretical characteristic curve was derived.

The final part of this project consisted of a market research on commercial pumps, which were compared afterwards.


For this project the author acknowledges and feels the need to thank the tutor and supervisor Dr. XXXX, for the provision of the subject, the empirical and scientific contribution and more generally for his guidance during the whole of the season of experimentation and analysis within the aspects of the fluid mechanics.

Also many thanks to the technical staff of the laboratory facilities of the university for the great understanding and help during the experiment of the pump unit.

List of Contents

Executive Summary 0

Acknowledgement 0

List of Contents 0

1. Introduction 0

2. Objectives 1

3. Theoretical Calculations 2

3.1 Hydraulic calculations 2

3.1.1 Method of triangles 3

3.1.2 Leakage losses 4

3.1.3 Slip losses 4

3.1.4 Shock and friction losses 5

4. Performance test of the pump unit 9

4.1 Introduction - Objectives 9

4.2 Principle arrangement of the test bed 9

4.3 Calculation of the total Head 11

4.4 Procedure - Recording of pump data 12

4.5 Results 13

4.6 Dimensional Analysis 15

4.7 Comparing experimental and theoretical results 17

4.8 Recommendations on the test-rig 19

4.8.1 Valve at suction 19

4.8.2 Reducing suction Elbow...