A Dysfunctional family life: One of the underlying issues involved in Addiction [Comorbidity of Depression and Addiction]

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Professionals in the area of substance abuse recovery and counseling contend that addiction is much more involved than the mere act of taking a drink of alcohol or swallowing pills. Like many other kinds of human behavior, compulsive or obsessive behavior is very complex. A variety of elements contribute to the motivation and implementation of behavior. The surface problem is the compulsive behavior; deeper problems or issues are the driving forces behind the behavior. There are problems behind the problem. Many problems and issues have long been targeted as causes for addiction, but one of the most frequently mentioned underlying causes has been coming from a dysfunctional family. (Matthews, 1993)Dysfunctional families, or families which do not function well, do not provide a healthy environment for its members. The trauma and pain inflicted and experienced often changes these members, setting them aside from others, marking them for life.

Some questions regarding dysfunctional families and its connection to addiction are:1.What are some rules that dysfunctional families use?2.What are some characteristics of dysfunctional families?3.How can coming from a dysfunctional family lead to addiction?4.What are some roles within dysfunctional families?What are some rules that dysfunctional families use?Boyd (1992), states that dysfunctional families often have a set of rules, which are frequently unspoken and which facilitate in the identification of such families.

Some of these rules include:1. It's not okay to talk about or express our feelings openly.

2. Don't address issues or relationships directly.

3. Always be strong, always be good, always be perfect.

4. Don't be selfish.

5. Do as I say. . .not as I do.

6. It's not okay to play.

7. Don't rock the boat.

8. Don't talk about sex.

These are just some of the rules which govern today's dysfunctional families. These...