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As you walk down the busy street all receive are stares. Some disgusted, others angry, possibly even on the verge of attacking you. Even as you hold your head up high, trying to ignore them as you hold your lovers hand tightly, you feel, even if for a little moment shame for who you are. I'm a straight guy, trying to understand my feelings toward homosexuals. To be perfectly honest, I'm afraid of writing this. I don't know everything from your perspective and perhaps I'm being biased, but I will try to tell you my viewpoint on homosexuality. To most people, the term homosexuality evokes a sense of misunderstanding and possibly even fear, but I believe firmly that homosexuality, just like racism will eventually be resolved politically and accepted by the public.

The United States, a country of freedom and equality, but only for straight people. Generally speaking, homosexuality in the U.S.

is shunned and looked down upon. Homosexuals even get harassed and sometimes even attacked, can we truly say we are a country of equality? Consider the roots of this country. Its founders all had Judeo-Christian influences. This obviously would affect our judgments of people outside our Christian ideals Although the U.S doesn't approve of homosexuals, there are parts of the world that don't consider it as taboo. Many European countries accept gays as part of their culture and rarely get mad about it. However, still much of the world sees homosexuals as something wrong.

Homosexuals, based off my interviews with people say that they did not choose to be gay. Rather they choose to accept it as part of who they are. They feel extremely repressed and find it unfair that they have to face ridicule for who they are.

I am extremely confused about homosexuals. My Christian background tells me to shun homosexuals. But I personally feel that by doing that, I'm promoting discrimination. I'm really frustrated by this topic and don't think that homosexuals should be repressed in our world. Still, because of the culture I'm in, when I'm around a homosexual I still get a sense of uneasiness but I try to stay away from prejudice when dealing with them.

Homosexuality has always been a controversial topic. Although people are beginning to accept them, there are no laws to back up this response. We are treating gays the same way we were treating black slaves. Sooner or later the controversy will die off and gays will be accepted because our nation is a great one. Other countries will soon follow in the U.S's footsteps because we are such an influential country. All in all, I don't think that homosexuals should be treated the way they are and I wonder when this paranoia about gays will fade.