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In the early 20th century, authors used a form of social critique in their

work. Some of them expressed their thoughts in expository essays

and novels. E.M.Forster opened his views to others in the expository essay

"notes: On the English Character: and the novel " Room with a

View". Both of his works expand on his thoughts about the social classes in

England. E.M.Forster had a very iteresting point of view of the

social classes in the.world. Which, in my opinion, does not aply to

everywhere in the world.

E.M.Forster expanded on his point of view on the social structure in

England. He stated that " The character of the English is essentially

middle class" which I think applies for every country in the world except for

Haiti which consists only of higher and lower class, it has a middle

class but it is not the majority of the population.

Then E.M.Forster stated that

" Just as the heart of England is the middle classes, so the heart of

the middle classes is the public school system". I agree with that statement

because i think that the public school system is what is responsible

for any middle class. For example, in the united states, they have a really large

public school system which resulted in a very large middle class.

And in Haiti, We have a very small public shool system, meaning that the

government does not realy care about the system which meanse that

they do not fund it like they are supposed to, which results in a very small

middle class.And a middle clas is what keeps a country together.In

E.M.Forsters novel "room with a view", he gave a good example of the social structure

in England. He clearly showed the difference...