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Types of Earphones

When you are walking on the street, taking a subway or having a dinner in a restaurant, you can always see young people wearing different kinds of earphones. Some people hook earphones over their ears; other people insert earphones into their ears; and still others people put earphones over their head. This phenomenon shows that music has become more and more popular among young people. However, they know the music that they like maybe a noise for others. Meanwhile, they have no right to force others to listen to the same music with them. Hence, earphones have become essential equipment for them when listening to the music in the public. Based on the wearing styles, earphones can be divided into three types: earhooks, in-ear earphones and headband earphones.

First, earhook can meet the demand of fixing the earphone securely on our ears, but the sound effect is not very good.

For example, if one wants to listen to the music when doing some exercise, the best choice is earhooks because they will never drop down from the ears and affect the exercise. Nevertheless, the biggest problem of earhooks is its sound effect. For example, if a listener uses an earhook in a crowded bus, the listener can hear nothing but the loud noise in the surroundings. Due to the strict demand of the surroundings, the users always feel restrictive when using it.

The second type, in-ear earphone, as the one which owns better sound effect and the smallest size among the three types attracts a plenty of users. In-ear earphones can be inserted into the inner ear. Hence, it helps the users to avoid some noise in the environment and to create an enclosed space inside the listener's ears. In this way, listeners can enjoy the...