EAS using Information Systems for Strategic Objectives

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Executive Summary31.0Company Profile32.0EAS Operations Strategy43.0Service Level Agreements for the Baggage Handling Service54.0Information Systems Strategy65.0Information Systems Architecture66.0Evaluation and Analysis of the Business Information Systems at EAS86.1Current/New Systems86.2Information Availability Current versus Future needs96.3Outsourcing versus In-sourcing of IT and Costs96.4Implementation Challenges106.5Processes and Business Restructuring106.6Cost of Information Systems117.0References12Table of FiguresFigure 1: Ground Handling market share4Figure 2: The EAS Value Chain Analysis7Figure 3: Information Systems Architecture8Figure 4 - Master Schedule9Executive SummaryFor the purpose of this assignment, we have assumed that the CKO (or CIO) is appointed to Equity Aviation Services (EAS). This is a ground handling company, which operates from six airports within South Africa and has long-term vision of becoming the largest aviation logistics company in the SADC region and the rest of Africa. EAS provides a number of services to the airline industry, namely Ramp services, Bussing Services, Baggage services, Cargo Hauling and Passenger services.

This report highlights EAS's operations strategic objective and how the information systems department supports this strategy through the strategic use of information systems as an enabling process in achieving the ON-TIME operations strategic objective.

The current information systems were analysed and future needs & Information Systems (IS) strategic improvements recommended, where applicable.

1.0Company ProfileEquity Aviation Services (EAS) is africa's largest aviation ground handling business operations in South Africa. There are three main groundhandling competitors in South Africa of which EAS has over 70% of the market share and their biggest client is South African Airways (SAA). EAS operates from six local airports of which there are desinated as international airports. The company handles about 18000 flights a month, serving in excess of 35 domestic, regional and international airlines. It has on its payroll a total of over 2000 employees countrywide.

Figure 1: Ground Handling market shareEAS offers services in line with international operations and some of the major...