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Target Market

The market demographics we will be targeting can be divided into three separate sections: Families, Celebrators, and Teen-agers. These groups represent people who all have different needs and desires out of Cookies and Cream but share the common want of a relaxing and enjoyable Ice Cream experience.

Families can be anyone from soccer mom looking for a family environment to take her kids out to after she picks them up from school, to the place where the kids must go after they go out to dinner with the Grandparents. Regardless of the reason Cookies and Cream is a gathering place where families are not only welcomed but encouraged to come in and relax while enjoying all Cookies and Cream has to offer.

Families will be looking for a safe environment that is kid friendly. A place where they can come in and take a load off after a hectic day of work.

They do not want to have to worry about if there baby is being too loud and or making too big of a mess like they possibly would elsewhere. That is why regardless of the situation Cookies and Cream will go out of its way and adjust to any and every situation and need of a customer.

Celebrators are exactly that- people celebrating a special occasion. Whether that is a Birthday or the end of the Little League season Cookies and Cream is there to help you create a memory of a lifetime.

Celebrators will be looking for a place where a large amount of people can come in and continue there feel good spirits and carry them over to a place that has the atmosphere and staff that can equal it.

In todays world in which teen-agers are never home and would rather be out...