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Is education a fundamental right found in our constitution? This question has been posed and debated for many years. In this case, the state of Euphoria is currently funding the local public K-12 schools by the local property taxes. Apple school district, a poor district in the state of Euphoria, receives 2,000 dollars per pupil less than other, wealthier, districts in the state. This difference in unequal funding is showed with the class selection that students can choose from. For example, Apple school district only has three advance placement classes while other, wealthier, districts have more than twenty advance placement classes. The lack of advance placement classes makes it difficult for students, in Apple school district to get into more selected colleges. I believe that education is an implied fundamental right found in our constitution, because without education you simply can not survive in our demanding society.

Education is the key to success in our society.

A person can not survive without being properly educated. The more educated a person is the more open doors of countless opportunities. A person who does not receive a quality education can not have the same open doors. As you can tell, it can be very difficult for them to support themselves with the lack of jobs that they can choose based on their poor education. This is why; I believe a properly funded education is vital for everyone to have in the workforce. One of the areas that a state focuses their budget on is education. This was first stated in Brown v Board of Education. In the 1950s, many schools would not allow students to go to their school based on their color. In Brown case, the Court ruled to allow to all student to attend any school regardless of their color.