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Good evening citizens of Ontario and my esteemed colleagues of the legislature. I am here tonight to inform you about the different forms of education and their influence on our youth of today. This has been a rising issue since the time of Socrates. Socrates was a Greek philosopher who believed that to be truly educated, one must possess certain personal virtues. The issue to be debated today will argue whether education inside of school perseveres education outside of school. In both in school and out of school education, one can learn through personal experiences and through the teaching of others. Therefore, there will be four branches discussed among myself and three other colleagues. Two of us will be discussing a subdivision of in school education, and the other two will each discuss a subdivision of outside of school education.

I will be discussing how learning with assistance of others in social situations is more beneficial in regards to our youth of today.

The other forms of education are learning with the assistance of others in and school, and learning personally and inside and outside of school.

I am a strong believer that the teaching of others is the most influential form of education. The skills and knowledge of people have been dependant on the teachings of previous generations. Even prior to the development of human civilization, the nomadic peoples depended on the oral teaching of others, for example Sacred Tradition. The teaching of others is also a crucial part of growing up in the modern society. The world that we live in today has experienced a quantum leap in technology. Thus, the need for personal teaching of others has become evermore important. The teaching of others can be experienced both in school, and out of school, but I...