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My beliefs, philosophy and goals are directly related to what kind of teacher I will be and how I will apply my knowledge to instructional practice. This paper discusses those beliefs in relation to the impact they will have on my teaching career. This paper includes my educational philosophy and how it correlates to established philosophies. I will also describe my personal and professional goals and how those goals will communicate my teaching philosophy.

TeachingTeaching is a profession that chooses the teacher. Educators do not seek out a career to teach for monetary gain. Teaching is often a thankless job filled with frustration and heartache but those who find themselves wanting to teach do so because it offers a fulfillment that no other career can offer. That fulfillment comes from passing on one's knowledge and watching a student learn and grow from that knowledge.

LearningEven after teachers receive their certification learning continues.

Teachers are required to continue their education in pedagogy, technology and methodology. For teachers, learning is a lifetime choice. Everyday is an opportunity to learn about my students, my subject area, and techniques and methods that will expand the classroom environment enabling students to learn.

StudentsStudents are active learners and "must be engaged in their course work in order for effective learning to occur" (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999, p4). Although they spend much of their time trying to fit in students want to be noticed for their individuality. Students' learning styles are as unique as their personalities. Learning styles fall into the categories of visual, verbal, simulation, or a combination of these. "Understanding learning styles can help educators facilitate, structure, and validate successful learning for all students (Pitts, 2009, p2). Students also do not trust or give respect easily. Trust and respect need to be earned. My responsibility...