The Effect of Pride: "The Stone Angel" by Margaret Laurence

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The Affect of Pride

"The Stone Angel" written by Margaret Laurence is a novel about a ninety year old woman who is telling the story of her life based on her memories from the past. As she recalls the vivid details of the past, she talks about the events that have happened in her life which have affected her significantly. Hagar allowed her pride to ruin many of her relationships with those around her. Her pride was inherited from her father, Mr. Currie, who was a very proud man. When Hagar's mother died, her father bought "The Stone Angel," a very expensive statue from Italy in which he takes great pride. "The Stone Angel" has much significance, as it represents Mr. Currie' s pride, the trait that is inherited by Hagar, and most importantly, the Currie family's pride. Her father is really proud of what he has done for the community and the fact that he is a self-made man who has established businesses on his own.

The pride that Hagar has destroys her bond with many of those around her including, her father, her husband, and her children. The characteristic that exists in the Currie family and which she inherits from her father stops her from expressing her true emotions. In the novel, Hagar's true feelings are never revealed because Hagar is always concerned about weakening her status by other people's judgments.

Hagar's failure as a daughter is when she defies her father. Hagar falls for Bram Shipley, and she wants to have an engagement with him. Hagar asks her father, Mr. Currie, for his consent to marry Bram, and her father does not allow her to because of Bram's horrible manners and his strange behaviours. Hagar refuses to listen and discards...