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Learning may be explained as a process through which knowledge is acquired. Determining appropriate and effective ways of learning have been a challenge for students. Sometimes most students trail in their exam because of lack of knowledge on proper ways of learning. Learning cannot be effective if it is done haphazardly. Most students do not have any proper ways of learning. Students can learn effectively by; thorough reading, contextual understanding, and also practicing related trial questions.

One way by which students can learn effectively is by thorough reading. Comprehensive reading is very essential in learning. A student is able to capture all that is been said about a particular subject when the whole material is read out-and-out. That is to say that nothing should be left out when reading. As a student, taking time to read a wide range of materials must be a ritual.

Students can also learn effectively by contextual understanding. Key words, phrases and other items used in the material being read should be understood in the context in which they were used. These items as used in the material might have general meaning and understanding. On the contrary, the material might require that all the synopsis used in it may be understood in a narrowed way but not as they are generally understood.

To learn effectively, practicing related trial questions is also proven to be helpful.