Effects of divorce on children.

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Presently divorce effects numerous marriages and many of these families include children. Statistics show that over sixty percent of couples seeking a divorce have children living at home (www.fourseasonsvt.org/divorce-effects.html). Furthermore, research studies suggest that the trauma of divorce remains with the children throughout the rest of their lives (www.venturablvd.-com/children-of-divorce/index.html). With this information being made more available, it is no wonder that there is a growing concern of how these children are being effected by divorce and what we can do to help them through the situation.

When parents have agreed to divorce, they typically have been through a series of events that have led them to their decision. Whether or not the children are aware of this decision depends on the parent's behaviors and the children's experiences. For example, in some families parents may talk quietly about differences without their child ever knowing. In other families, the husbands and wives may argue frequently in front of the child leaving him or her to suspect that a divorce is taking place.

Regardless of the type of adult arguments or interactions that the child has experienced, they need to be informed when the parents have decided to divorce.

Children's reaction to their parent's divorce is related to how the parents inform them of their decisions (www.muextenstion.missouri.edu-/xplor/hesquide/humanrel/gh6600.htm). It is important for parents to think carefully and plan ahead about how and what they will tell their children. Parents dealing with this situation feel the need to protect their children from the same stress and anguish they are feeling. Avoiding the issue will only add more

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stress to both the parents and the children. Parents can relieve some of the accompanying stress by helping each child to understand that the family will learn to adapt to new schedules, new environments and new...