The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence

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Intimate partner violence is a perplexing health problem, especially for women and children. It is defined by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as violence committed by a spouse, ex-spouse, or current or former boyfriend or girlfriend (Smith, 2007). The high occurrence and emotional consequences have encouraged the creation of batterers' intervention programs (BIPs), throughout Canada and the United States as a way to stop the violence. The emergence of these BIPs occurred in the late 1970's and corresponded with the increase of services for victims of domestic abuse (Schmidt et al., 2007). Many of these programs teaches abusive men to take responsibility for their abuse, teaches them how to interrupt and avoid abuse, and helps them to change sexist attitude and beliefs that underlie their rationale for abuse (Schmidt et al., 2007). Much research has indicated that batterers hold rigid sex role stereotypes, or traditional, stereotypical views of masculine and feminine role and male-female relationships (Sunders, et al, 1987).

As well, mens' sense of failure from attempting to achieve the excessively high, traditional masculine image contributes to their anger towards and need for control over women (Schmidt et al., 2007). This paper will focus primarily on rehabilitation for male batterers and describe the effects these abusers have on their victims. After examining conducted studies on domestic violence offender rehabilitation programmes, I will argue that this abuse occurs as way to control women and that the treatment programmes only work temporarily and typically end up in recidivism.

Characteristics and Attitudes of Abusive MenThroughout the many cases and instances of abuse that occur, there are various victims, characteristics and attitudes involved. Discussing abusive men involves the consideration of many factors and distinctiveness. First and foremost, abuse by men can be considered an escalating form of violence, characterized by different...