The Effects of Religion

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Religion affects society in various ways throughout human life. In Alexandre Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers, as well as Josef Skvorecky's The Miracle Game, religion is not only a way of living and practise, but also has severe affects on the government and an individual's feelings for love. The government has a sense of corruption due to religious background and a person's love towards another may also be judged due to their faith. Therefore, from the two books it is clearly illustrated that religion can affect the reign on a nation as well as how it can affect one's decision on love.

Religion is able to cause a ruling body to implement ideas in different ways. In The Three Musketeers, Cardinal Richelieu attempts to manipulate King Louis in order to rule over France. "Not the Queen, Sir! God forbid the Queen should suffer the smallest injury for my sake! Her Majesty's convinced I'm working against her, although as you know I always take her side, even against you" (Dumas, 210).

The Cardinal, who is of high religious stature, is able to make the King stay on his side since the King is quite naïve; the Queen would be discredited in the King's eyes and the Cardinal would attain greater power. The Cardinal has a religious title and seems harmless, but he is able to use others to get what he desires. Moreover, Milady is able to utilize religion as her scapegoat out of government confinement. Dumas states, "She spoke so humbly and looked so chastened that Felton's faith in her was restored... she was in distress, she was deeply religious…Milady had acted her part to perfection" (Dumas, 606). Milady is able to use religion in order to escape from prison by swaying the officer, Felton who is a Puritan,