Compare and Contrast the protagonists in Lady with the dog and my friend Judith

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In the short story “Our friend Judith” it is about a woman called Judith. She is a complex woman who values her own privacy. In the story she is known as a spinster, a middle aged woman who is unmarried. Generally speaking, a spinster is someone who is bad-tempered and normally unattractive but Judith is exactly the opposite. In that time, being a spinster is not a trend, and women weren’t chosen to be called spinsters, but simply people give them this name because they have the characteristics of a spinster. However, Judith enjoys being a middle aged bachelorette, and is comfortable with the way things are. Unlike a spinster, she is attractive which is proven when she was trying out a new dress with her friends and deems that the role of a mistress fits her more. Judith’s personality is a mystery and we could only determine her persona by a third person view without knowing her own personal feelings.

She has a strong mind and determination, and believes that she could enjoy her life and her profession without the need of a relationship to feel complete. In contrast with Betty, her friend who feels empty when her husband leaves her for a few days. Judith is arrogant in a way because she is not fond of listening to advice from her friends and always sticks to her own moral beliefs and instincts by doing things her way. She only cares about things that she values as important and when she thinks something is right she will insist on doing it. Judith does have relationships with men, and Professor Adams is one of them. Their relationship with each other is more physical than ever, and when Professor Adams feels guilt and requests to take up the responsibility to marry...