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An advertisement, printed respectively through the lovely ™People Magazine, represents the delectable perfect mate for coffee. This, of course, references the delicious new international flavors of ™Coffee-mate. The newest addition to the world-round-loved is referred to as the World Café Collection. The trademark swirl of this name brand is indicated throughout the advertisement, in the cup, as always, and in the headlights of the Vespa.

One might assume the target audience for this delightful piece of work is women of the younger persuasion, perhaps early twenties to late thirties. This can be seen by the young woman astride the scooter, staring suggestively at the viewer. An added target may be women of the foreign influence as the woman is quite obviously of Italian or Greek decent, and is wearing and Italian leather jacket. The background, which is a soft purple growing out into a deep purple may suggest tenderness.

A smooth sort of feeling is promoted. This could imply yet another added target of women who need to relax when drinking coffee. It says that the creamer can make your troubles non-existent for as long as you are drinking the promoted item. Something else that might entail relaxation as a side effect is the slight sag to the woman’s shoulders, as if to say the world has been lifted off of them. Or maybe it’s the relaxed suggestive smile? Or perhaps the soft caress of her hand on the spoon stirring the coffee; only holding it just so, barely enough to keep it in hand.

The article may also put in the viewers mind that the product is transportable, good for anywhere at anytime. This is put forth by the fact that the woman is in fact resting carelessly on one type of transport. Transport often used in...