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Public Schools vs. Private Schools

Public or private? That is the question. One important thing to keep in mind when determining a school choice is the long and short term effects on students and their views. The differences between them can help with the

decision on which kind of school to choose. Public and private schools are different in funding and their learning environment.

Public and private schools have different sources of support. Public schools depend on various government funding. One example being, they get funds from the state sales taxes collected from businesses, stores, etc. Another

way they get their funds is by The Minimum Foundation Program, which is the state approbation formula. Finally, the most common way of funding is through local sales taxes and from the communities property taxes.

Private schools, however, are not supported by money from the government. The main way they receive their money is the tuition payments made by the families of the students.

Similarly, they're also able to receive money from grants, such as The Private School Aid program, and also A+PELs Grant and Scholarship Program. Finally, charitable donations by the local community organizations play a big part in funding things needed for the


Also, public and private schools have different learning environments.Public schools are generally known to have a poor learning environment. One example being, they have a tendency to be virtually all one race dependent on

the communities' location. Also, their learning atmospheres are generally not a safe and secure environment. Finally, there would be more of a chance of being around drugs and violence. Public school discipline procedures tend to be more lenient. Often many rules are broken and nothing is done to punish the rule breakers.

On the other hand, private schools tend to have...