Effects of Video Games

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Over the past thirty years, gaming industries have grown due to the high demand for video games. Not only do these video games allow a person to interact with the characters but also to enjoy the plot of the game. Often times, people play video games for a large amount of time in order to get to the next level, or repeatedly try and kill an enemy. But, as time goes by, people begin to question whether the effects of video games are good or bad for them. Nonetheless, the central effects of excessive video game play go beyond those of good and bad.

Often times when one is playing a video game, the main character, or the hero will be male. The problem with that is the fact that it places gender biases and stereotypes upon society. Usually a female's role in video games is to be the "damsel in distress," who is usually depicted as sexually appealing and seductive.

Kids who play those games believe that society's depiction of males and females are influenced radically different. A lot of times in mature rated games, women are also depicted as prostitutes and strippers. Not only is that degrading, but it also shows males of today's society that it's okay.

The amount of time a person spends playing video games has been one of the main concerns. Many people, including kids play computer or video games for hours at a time; as a result, so much time is wasted playing, that social activities are eliminated from a person's daily routine. They become so immersed with games that they close off from the outside world. The obsession to continue playing comes from the fact that there is always something new to do in the game. Thus, kids usually eliminate more important...