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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was born in the city of Ulm,

Wurttemberg, Germany on March 14, 1879. Although, his

parents, Harmann and Paulina Koch Einstein raised him in

Munich where the family owned a small shop that manufactured

electric machinery. But multiple business failures forced his

family to move to Milan, Italy. Albert Einstein did not talk

until he was three years old. But at the age of 12 he had

already taught himself Euclidean geometry. And at only 15

years of age Albert dropped out of school. Albert liked

classical music and one of his favorite hobbies is playing the


Like most teenage kids, Einstein disliked school because

he thought is was boring and unimaginative. Then he dropped

out of school not much later. After he dropped out of school

he stayed one year with his parents in Italy but then

continued and finished secondary school in Switzerland.


got himself into the Swiss Polytechnic Institute where he,

studied mathematics and physics. But, once again, did not

like the teachings of the school. He often ditched classes,

played the violin and studied by himself. Even though

Einstein ditched his classes, he passed his tests by studying

his classmates notes. Then he eventually graduated in the year

1900. His teachers did not like him very much because of his

ditching habits and would not recommend him for any

universities. For two years Einstein worked as a tutor and

substitute teacher. And later worked seven years from 1902 to

1909 at the Swiss Patent Office, located in Bern, as an

examiner. This job gave him lots of free time and he used

that time to performing experiments.

In 1903 Einstein got married to Mileva Mari², his

classmate at Swiss Polytechnic Institute. Albert and Mileva

had two sons and...