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Election fraud is the illegal tampering with an election that may change its outcome and undermines the democratic process. Corrupt electioneering is the candidates being involved with changing the election results to better the outcome for themselves. Voter fraud is individuals casting illegal ballots either knowingly or unknowingly. Because of so-called election scandals, there is a great deal of skepticism in the public about our election system. For instance, the Presidential election of 2000 between George Bush and Al Gore illuminated many problems with the voting procedures, machines and even our Electoral College system.

The lust for power can be so alluring that candidates will stop at nothing to win. Sometimes, an overzealous supporter will go to great lengths to ensure the win of a candidate that shares their ideals. Either way, the voting system is corruptible. It is the job of state and local officials to catch such people who plan to undermine the fairness of American elections, but sometimes even these people are guilty of committing such crimes.

The United States Congress is also charged with making federal election laws. These well intentioned people, and not so well intentioned people, sometimes write laws that defy common sense. In some cases they have made it easier for illegal immigrants to vote rather than making it harder.

Throughout history people have tried to and have been able to manipulate the democratic voting process. According to Tracy Campbell, the practice of vote buying in colonial America was the excepted norm. Candidates would go to great lengths to ensure that their constituents were "well cared for." many candidates would give people alcohol when they came to the polls as a reward for coming to vote. In fact, the practice of buying votes became so popular in Rhode Island that it was known...