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May 21, 2014

Who's The Smartest?

He is a fighter. He is strong and tough. No natural predators can compete with him, every animals in the wild is afraid of him - including the king of the jungle (lion) - because of his enormous size. He's the largest man that came from Africa; he weighted from 1,800 up to 6,300 kg. He's also known as the biggest and strongest man on earth. He's 13 feet tall and his appetites are as big as big as his body size. He can eats up to 400 pounds and drink up to 30 gallons of water each day. He has thick and wrinkled skin - like an old man in his 90s. Even though he has thick skin, his skin is sensitive to touch, detecting insects and changes in the environment. Since his skin is so sensitive, he has to throw sand and dirt on his back whenever he's out in the sun so it will prevent him from getting sunburned.

His hair distributed unevenly all over his body. The most noticeable hair on his body are: around the eyes, ear opening, chin and tail. His ears are as big as a banana leave, and they look like a giant flower pedal that flowing in the air. He has big and giant hands that are too heave to lift up; so he uses his nose to grab food instead of using hands like other people. His favorite snack of the day are bananas, rice and sugarcane. He is known as the most intelligent animals on Earth.

This giant looking man is very familiar with many kids and adult, people usually call him by the name "Elephant". Elephant can be found all over the world, but their...