Emily Bronte. A brief bibliography on Emily Bronte, her life, and her romantic masterpeice; "Wuthering heights."

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Emily Bronte

Over Christmas break I commenced on reading a novel by Emily Bronte, her romantic masterpiece "Wuthering Heights." This novel was a passionate love story of two people, Heathcliff and Catherine, and their doomed love and revenge relationship. This story was made believable by her vivid story telling. After reading this novel, I immediately started probing for further books by this magnificent author only to discover that this was her only novel. I discovered that she was a poet rather than a novel writer like her sister, Anne. Her poetry, as I found, revealed an enduring power that can keep the reader interested and searching for more. I also discovered that her poems were often set on specific themes like "Love and Friendship" for one example, which I found most appealing. I decided that I enjoyed her writing enough to research her life story to hit upon where she obtained these ideas and became a terrific writer.

I couldn't imagine where these great thoughts came from because the story of Wuthering Heights was so inspiring and fascinating that I wanted to read it again. I simply could not put it down because I was so eager and wound up to see what was next. Although this was the only book she had published in her lifetime, it has its special place among the masterpieces of literature. Apparently Emily's "Wuthering Heights" did not attain the immediate attention that it deserved like Charlotte's "Jane Eyre," but it gained later fame as a very intense novel that was written in the English literature. Even some of her best lyrics and poems are valued with the best in English poetry. It has been said that she is perhaps the greatest writer of her and her three siblings, Charlotte, Anne, and Branwell. I...