Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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This entire novel takes place in England between Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange,

two homes on the English moors. There is a distance of approximately two miles between the two

homes. The moors are vast open lands that may stretch out for miles at a time. Due to location and

climate, there is usually a heavy fog present on the moors during the night. This presence adds

dreariness and confusion to the already complex feud occurring between the two families living in the


The exact period of time was never precisely established but the general time period is

suggested by the setting. The use of horses for transportation back and forth between the two homes

was maximized as there was a consistent flow of news between the two families. The use of candles

being taken 'upstairs to bed' also suggests an early time period. The actual duration of the book

takes many years, approximately sixty, due to the spreading of the story over three generations.

One chief character was Heathcliff. The entire story was written around Heathcliff and yet

he wasn't really the main character. Heathcliff was adopted off of the streets at a very young age.

Neither of his foster siblings cared much for him at first. Eventually, his sister grew to like him and

his brother grew to hate him. As the years passed, Heathcliff's brother Hindley continued to scar him

emotionally and his sister Cathy grew to love him with such a passion that when Cathy and Hindley

died in their middle ages, Heathcliff vowed to take revenge on Hindley's son and to not rest until he

lay in the ground beside Cathy. There were many instances in the story where one was compelled

to feel sorry for the way Heathcliff was constantly...