Emotions in decision-making

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According to Boone and Kurtz, the best leadership style to adopt often depends on the organization's corporate culture, its system of principles, beliefs, and values. Managerial philosophies, communications networks, and workplace environments and practices all influence corporate culture. The culture is shaped by the leaders who founded and developed the company and by those who have succeeded them. Mangers use symbols, rituals, and ceremonies to reinforce corporate culture. Corporate culture can have a big impact on the success of an organization.

Within in Enron the only principles that they had was making money and finding ways to make more money even it hurt many of their investors. The way the employees where shaped in this company was by greed. They saw where they could make money by taking any possible loopholes in the system. They did not have their own identity they would follow in the steps of their leaders.

The emotions in decision making that was learned from this movie is that emotions are a very powerful to deal with in situations. Emotions are a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanies by physiological changes. It is also a state of mental agitation or disturbance. It is the part of the conscious that involves feeling.

The employees of Enron emotions started to play a big role in the company when Skillings invented the system where a percentage of its employees would be cut and their peers would have to be the ones to vote on the decision to let them go. This is when they realized that they had to step up their game performance wise and if this meant hurting people that was fine by them.

When skepticism rose about Enron's profits you would think that there would have been...