The encroaching darkness

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Once, there were these people. People who wanted to make information free, to set the word loose. Once they told you "The truth will set you free." That only works when the truth is free to act upon the minds of the populace. These people tried nobly to restore the public's right to know. You destroyed these crusaders. it was a dark age. These truth revolutionaries embarked upon guests, through means both immaculate and shady, to liberate the truth from the evils of the corporate world. The governments and their corporate buddies led a grand inquisition against the insurgents, labeling them "hackers." The corporations' bedfellows, the media, made these "hackers" appear evil to the public; they joined in the persecution of the rebels. Shed a bit of their indifferance to the world to hunt down and destroy the "malicious intruders" who endangered the secrecy of secrets too dirty to be shown to the public.

"These people could probably see how much time you spend last year on phone---!" the media screamed, inciting the vulgar to action. "Hackers might be able to look at your public records!" another "news" organization cried. They were afraid of having anyone but Phil, the socially inept record-keeper, knowing thier deep, dark traffic violation and burned at the technological stake. The pople helped in being keeping themselves, ignorant; they destroyed their would-be saviors, the men and women who were willing to play neo-monks and deliver the world from a modern dark age. After the hackers, the simple fell upon the educated, the same pople who stood by and watched the selfrighteous inquisitors consume their contemporaries in a swell of uneducated humanity. And finally, even the powerful, those who incited the whole ignorant uprising, fell beneath the tide of simpletons. A few of the hackers made it out of the trap in time.

We made it out in time to watch friends die. We were outside looking in. We watched them resist passionately and finally collapse beneath the encroaching flux of idiocy sparked to protect the dirty little secrets of multi-national corporations. I'm one of the lucky ones. Or am I? Is it better to excape and live amont the cows? I"m merely a slient chronicler of the world, as it is, not qualified to answer such questions. i do know on thing; someday we will rise again.