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Engineering is a very broad field of study. It ranges from civil engineering, to structural or foundational engineering, to almost any area you can think of involving construction. It is a job with many benefits, a unique work environment, and a great salary.

Most engineers will tell you that you should start preparing for this field in high school. You should take as many advanced courses as you can. Subjects such as physics, chemistry, calculus, geometry and trigonometry are especially important. After high school most spend 4 to 6 years getting their bachelors degree, as is required in most states.

One of the greatest parts of this job is its many benefits. Engineers often admit a joy in seeing their work accomplished. Some engineers admit to liking the multiple opportunities to solve problems using math and logic. Engineering has an almost limitless job market for the future in all of its fields because there will always be a need for engineers.

Many people in this career enjoy the security that comes with the job. They know they won't be out of a job anytime soon. This career also tends to include benefits such as dental, medical and life insurance. Engineers also have, in general, a very high salary. Most engineers start earning between $40,000 and $50,000. After about 10 years or so, they can be earning between $70,000 and $80,000. Some earn annual salaries of $120,000 or more! (Seth Light)

Engineering also has a very unique working environment. Though at times deadlines can make it a stressful occupation, many engineers enjoy the career.

"...I enjoy the black and white nature of the job. Working with numbers, solving problems, expressing creativity..." - Seth Light

These are only small parts of the business. While at times it can be a...