Earth Moving Equipment

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Earth moving equipment are the machines human make to replace the hard work from the human; the machines made by humans to perform digging; grading; leveling; removing; etc to earth moving from one side to the other side. There is Bulldozer, excavator, grader, loader, roller, forklift, tractor, bobcat, and truck, etc.

Earth moving equipment is replacing the hard tough work; back break jobs to easy jobs for the workers. Machines do a lot better than the human force. They can do a big job in the short time. So the time can be save and finish the job earlier, leading to the economic affect. They run by the power machines, so they do not need a lot of people in the same task. Most of the equipment can be used at any time, anywhere, side by side with the other machines, in the cities or out to the countries, on the fieldwork.

All of them run by a mighty powerful engine as the main source device into two systems. Mechanic system and hydraulic system, mechanic system uses to drive the unit forward, back ward, turning left, turning right; while the hydraulic system uses to perform the special active such as lift arm, dig, push, pull, roll, compact etc. Therefore the operators must hold the special licenses to operate the machines

In this case, we examine four machines:

- Caterpillar Dump truck D400F

- Caterpillar excavator 322B

- Caterpillar bull dozer D11R

- Caterpillar loader 928F

Truck D400F

This strong unit makes by the Caterpillar Company. It has four wheel drives working in field. It is very heavy, approximates 40 tons, carries 40 tons of dirt soil etc. The body can tip or push place to unload the soil, mainly operate in the mine, quarry, site of begin building...