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I had only been working in the garden centre for a few weeks, but already I loved it. The job gave me lots of free time to spend with my six-year-old daughter Mandy. I had to confess there is another reason why I love the job so much, it was my boss Gary. Gary was an ex-Royal marine, tall, dark, and charming. At the time I was 32 he was five years older then me and unmarried. After only a few weeks he asked me out we went out for a few weeks and fell in love with each other so I asked him to move in with me of course he said yes. I was very pleased he had taken a liking to Mandy my little girl, he would spend a lot of time with her he would read books to her and play with her. After three months I fell pregnant we were both thrilled.

We decided to marry. The wedding was a simple but happy affair in the register office, with Mandy a beaming bridesmaid.

The town was new to Gary but he settled in well, he became chairman of the Residents' Association and stood as a councillor.

Our new baby was born, she was a girl we decided to call her Daisy. Gary was always playing with her, bathing her and cuddling her. He was careful not to neglect Mandy he would take her for walks and play with her.

We decided to take a holiday to Cyprus, we invited Mandy's friend Becky so she would have someone to play with. Soon after we had got back we drove past Becky's house. On every window there were posters of Gary's rival for council office. I know it wasn't any of my business...