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HistoryThe English court system dates back to 1200, the longest running within European secular court records. It is a common law system. The court system started as a concept of justice, a matter of the crown. The court system works on a hierarchy. This proves to be a tried a tested system which is centuries old, the hierarchical system means there is always a court of appeal, thus a second chance for justice.

The main backbone of the English court system is the doctrine president, this plays a very important part of the English judicial system. The doctrine president means that courts are "bound by an earlier decision on the same point made by the same court or a higher court." For this reason lawyers who argue in courts started publishing collections of important decisions, to remind the courts of its previous decisions .The doctrine president is one of the main reasons as to why the English system is deemed to be one of the fairest in the world.

English Court system and businessTo this day more international contracts are drawn up in London than any other place in the world. London attracts many overseas business men and is seen as the best place to settle contract dispute. If anything this proves that England is renown around the world to have a fair legal system, this is because the English president system is deemed to have more of a stable and predictable outcome when compared to those of the European courts, where precedent has lesser of an impact on the outcome. This makes the English system more desirable to the business world; especially dealing with aviation and shipping, banking and the international sale of goods.

Most international trade contracts made in England are negotiated and enacted without any dispute. The...