English translation to the 9th and 10th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Jay' CD.

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9) Tornado (Long Juan Feng)

Love is like a gust of wind

It leaves after it has blown

This sort of rhythm

Would frustrate anybody

After I lost you

I lost my soul

Dark clouds are descending

I am dragged along

Quietly, softly, sadly leaving

Sinking deep into danger - baby

It's like my world has been ripped apart by violent wind and rain

Love came too quickly, just like a tornado

Can't leave the storm and it's too late to escape

I can't think about this again

I can't think about this again

I can't

Love left too quickly just like a tornado

I can't take it and I have no where to hide

I don't want to think about it again

I don't want to think about it again

I don't

I don't want to think about you again

Unknowingly, unfeelingly, you have already left me

Unknowingly, unfeelingly, I follow this rhythm

Looking back, another autumn has passed

Looking back, I should have lived my life better

Track 10: Reversed Clock

Clouded and unclear, the dream you gave began to fall apart as I hid the pain

No matter how I explain, you were always busy, saying that I don't know, that it's no use

What's so different about his smile, that you no longer favor me in your heart

My bleak sky, be it rain or wind, or the rainbow, you control them all


Hating myself for being useless, that my emotions are stirred by you

A lonely heart is still in agony till now

The word of apology before separation, is heart-wrenching


The clock that sees through the passing of time

Starts moving in a reversed direction

Returning to the time when I onced love you

Suspending the time space, it's...