Enterprise Information Systems in Organizations and eCommerce : Sew-What? Inc Case Study

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CSC-40020�Assignment 2: Sew What? Inc. case study�December 7, 2009��

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Assignment 2 (First Semester)


Sew What? Inc. case study

Q1. How do information technologies contribute to the business success of Sew What? Inc.? Give several examples from the case regarding the business value of information technology that demonstrates this conclusion.

With the involvement of information technology, starting with the launching of its company website, Sew What? Inc. has managed to archive in penetrating the global market. The key behind this success relies on more than owning a web page with a few links and fancy images.

When Megan Duckett lost the contract from the client who mentioned Sew What? Inc. "lacked credibility" with no website, she realized that her company was missing the competitive advantage of information technology. Afterwards, her efforts were focused on publishing a new company website with frequently added improvements, which attracted more customers around the world.

This transformation of the use of technology in Sew What? Inc. was also extended to a few primary and support business process operations. (O'Brien & Marakas, 2007c)

www.sewwhatinc.com happens to be a tool that benefited the company the most. Staring from marketing and sales point of view, the web site is the main interface between the buyers and the draper business. The web site is designed for search engine optimization, so anyone who is looking for "custom" made curtains and fabrics for stages or theaters will find Sew What? Inc. appearing In the first few results. This remains true for the widely used search engines available for Internet browsing. Megan has managed to differentiate her business from the competitors, with the use of detailed selection and choice of customization made available for a...