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Executive Summary

The objective of this report is to analyse reflecting business requirements in an Enterprise System. This report select Procurement of External Services and Material > Invoice Verification business process as an example to analyse.

The report starts with an introduction of how ERP systems reflect modern business requirements. Then provide an overview of the functionality and the structure (sub-modules) of the selected module: Material Management (MM) which is the submodule of Logistic. Moreover, the business meaning of Invoice Verification business process will be explained.

The Invoice Verification process is then executed using SAP R/3; together with the description of the process and an outlined of the problems incurred during the execution of this process. This is followed by a comparison between the executed processes and the reference model. Customising opportunities within SAP R/3 for the process are also examined.

The report concludes with an overall evaluation of SAP R/3 support in regards to the ERS process and whether they are fully reflects the reference models.

1 Introduction

In the recent years, business changes faster and more radically, it faces many challenges that require fully leveraging information to enable individuals to quickly respond to increase in the speed of business cycles, to optimize resources and relationships, to increase efficiency of business processes, and to interact effectively across the entire business network. (Sheer et al, 2002, p47) Enterprise Resource Planning software programs help to company-wide business processes, using a common database and shared management reporting tools. ERP software supports the efficient operation of business processes by integrating business activities, including sales, marketing, manufacturing, accounting, and staffing. An ERP system's impact on costs and operational efficiency can be startling. (Brady et al, 2001, p2)

According to Rosemann (2003, p4-5), 'ERP software is a standard software package', it should be tailored...