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Riordan Manufacturing, a large international formed plastics company, is currently looking to upgrade outdated systems in the inventory and manufacturing sectors of the business. The company officials believe that the current systems do not integrate well with the systems from other facilities; consequently one manufacturing plant does not have the real time knowledge of the inventories and operations of other facilities. The proposals from an information systems group on upgrades to the current systems are being developed. The proposed outline below will provide some basis for advancing to the next level of implementing the upgrades in each facility. The systems pinpointed for upgrades and the specific design of the upgrades will be formed upon evaluation of current systems used at all facilities.

Inventory and Process Evaluation of Riordan ManufacturingThe current systems that the company uses are outdated and do not support the increasing growth of the company locally or abroad, especially with the new acquisition of the China facility.

A study will be completed and data collected to estimate the networking and hardware requirements needed to facilitate the growth the company is experiencing. Many of the current systems require manual inputs from office, operations, and inventory personnel which cost time and money. The organization needs an enterprise system and hardware that is consistent from one location to the others so that personnel operating these systems are familiar with one system and not many. To maintain its market leadership, Porsche employed information systems as cutting edge as its cars. The company was one of the first auto makers to introduce enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to support its accounting, finance, purchasing, and material-management business processes (Stair & Reynolds, 2006, p. 1). This must be the direction Riordan Manufacturing takes in order to achieve current and future goals.

Business Requirements for Inventory...