Enviromental Policy Statement

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To: Sharon M. Constantine, Chairman Board of Ethics

Andrew D. Brunhart, General Manager WSSC



Date: July 30, 2005

Re: Environmental Policy Update

In light of recent environmental concerns, the following policy is implemented to address concerns of protecting natural resources and habitats caused by water pipes breaking, and to provide more reliable water treatment services to WSSC customers. WSSC fully intends to maintain the pipes by "repairing, replacing, reinforcing, and appropriately inspecting the mains and connections" in attempt to prevent the accidents that occurred in the late 1980's. (courts.state.md.us)

This policy "seeks to promote and maintain an Environmental Policy to ensure that the impact of our operations upon the environment is reduced to as low a level as possible." (coates-screen) The Department of Engineering will draft a proposal for the necessary repairs and upgrades to the current water treatment system to minimize reoccurrences of previous accidents. The proposal will be submitted to the company's governing agency, for approval from a budget committee.

This proposal will be submitted within the current fiscal year and, upon approval, will be opened for bids by local contractors.

Once a plan has been implemented, submit monthly progress reports and evaluations of completed and planned phases in the project will be evaluated by the WSSC engineering department to ensure compliance with this policy. WSSC will also coordinate efforts with local transportation departments to limit the impact of construction on the local communities. All progress reports and evaluations will then be submitted to the company's governing agency to ensure compliance with federal EPA regulations and local and state statutes.

All process supervisors, production managers, development and design engineers, and all lead workers of SWWC will be told of and familiar with the procedures for this new policy. All workers will be told about this...