Environmental Crisis

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The environmental crisis has become one of today's major concerns and issues. Conservationists argue that we should try and avoid unnecessary harm to the environment before it is too late.

Conservationists argue that if we do nothing about environmental crisis, we will be doomed. We can still do something to circumvent the harm we're doing and hopefully lead a better life in the future. They say that most of the times for authorities and individuals to react, the stage of crisis must be reached. Most probably if we would have reacted before to these situations, the damage done would have been much less.

In developing countries, massive deforestation is a leading cause of environmental degradation. The forest is an enormously valuable resource and the loss, or degradation of the forest can cause severe and irreparable damage to wildlife habitat, and to other economic and ecological services the forest provides.

Deforestation alters the hydrologic cycle, potentially increasing or decreasing the amount of water in the soil and groundwater and the moisture in the atmosphere. Deforestation is often cited as one of the major causes of the enhanced greenhouse effect. Trees and other plants remove carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere during the process of photosynthesis. Some forests are rich in biological diversity. Deforestation can cause the destruction of the habitats that support this biological diversity - thus causing population shifts and extinctions. I agree with the conservationists when they say that most of the authorities know about the harm they are doing, but strangely enough do not react. Why must we reach a point when there are insufficient forests before we do something about this problem?

To conserve habitat for wild species and prevent their extinction or reduction in range is a priority of a great...