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The issue of obesity has become a major issue in mainstream America. As the issue explodes into society, so to do the solutions to the problem. Dieting has become a marketable product that companies are able to profit from. The perception of the "ideal" body is one that is lean and muscular looking and that is the exact image that is portrayed throughout the media. People see this image and they are overcome with a desire to resemble that "ideal figure". There are many different dieting techniques being sold right now to assist obese people to lose weight. One major drug that has become the most popular with dieters looking to lose weight fast is ephedrine.

In 2003, The Food and Drug Agency effectively banned all forms of ephedrine in over the counter dieting supplements (FDA, 2003). Ephedrine is a stimulant that increases the heart rate, similarly to a large quantity of coffee being consumed.

Combined with exercise, ephedrine increases the drive to work out by pumping blood throughout the body more quickly which in turn causes one to sweat more. This causes weight to come off more quickly because it causes you to be constantly active and you get more out of a workout than you normally would. Ephedrine is a very popular stimulant, estimated to be used by over 12 million people.

While the popularity of ephedrine grew, it was never approved by the Food and Drug Agency, which raised the question of its safety in everyday use. Studies done by scientists at UCSF showed that weight loss with the aid of an ephedrine supplement was only temporary. Furthermore, the body becomes more tolerant of ephedrine as its use is continued therefore requiring the user to eventually begin using a higher dosage of the product in order for...