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Epitome of Disgusting Bathrooms, I think, are the one place where sanitation should be practiced to the fullest. My brother doesn't seem to meet eye to eye on this sanitation business. He actually is the most careless, gross and just plain filthy person when it comes to bathroom care. He has this complete disregard for anyone else who might need to use the after him. This makes me sick.

I'm not sure when or where this behavior developed. Maybe it was when he "poo-poo"ed on the bathroom floor at age six and my mother just cleaned it up. Never said a word. Or maybe it's an Y-linked sex trait and it's inherited. I don't know, but I'm starting to think now that he does this just to piss me off. Whatever the cause may be, he needs help.

Our bathroom is quite the mess. His boxers, that he's worn and slept in for the past two days, are thrown on the floor for me to tiptoe-toe around.

If the stars are aligned, moon in the first quarter and a black cat crosses the street at 2:00am you might get lucky and he'll take a shower. He generally uses the once-white-but-now-brown soap that he stores on the floor. He completely soaks the bathroom floor, I'm not sure how, but we're hoping it's water and that he leaves the shower door open while he's showering. He has a few lucky towels and he likes to use them all at the same time and he likes to save them, for his next encounter with the bathroom, on the floor. He also has a pin, that he pokes his pimples with, sitting on the "liquid" covered counter. (The results aren't back from the lab yet). Also on this counter is a fine combination of Aquafresh and Gillette commented by little black hairs that might have originated from my brother's chin. Where is his toothbrush during all this? Face down in this mess. Even in my brightest hours I cannot recollect a time where he might have washed his phlegm down the drain. This is all quite horrible, messy and downright disgusting, but the toilet takes home the blue ribbon. The toilet seat is always up and is NEVER flushed whether nature called number 1 or it called a greater denomination. He never actually gets all his bodily wastes into the toilet, but it's usually in the general vicinity. All of this is enough to make me want to hold my bowels and take my chances with the great outdoors.

My mother has tried many times to break her son of these habits, but so far she has been unsuccessful. She's made him clean the bathroom, but it unexplainably ends up worse. It seems like all the dirt and grime is just spread around, making room for more. I've suggested getting him his very own litter box for his room, but the idea sunk with my mother. In the end a solution doesn't seem to be available and I'm almost willing to accept this repulsive behavior.

My brother just doesn't understand my need to have a clean bathroom, because honestly I don't think he's ever experienced a "True Clean". To add to his ignorance of cleanliness he's not a very thoughtful person and this apparently hasn't made a good combination. I don't think he's ever going to change. But, I guess I shouldn't give up on him that easily, scientists are doing some pretty amazing things these days.