Erwin Rommel

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In November of 1891 one of the best Nazi leaders ever was born in Heidenheim, his name was Erwin Rommel. His parents' names were Helene and Erwin. In 1910 Rommel enlisted in number 124-infantry regiment. The next year Rommel successfully made it through a training school to become a cadet. Then, Rommel got transported to become the second lieutenant in the same place that he trained in. Next, Rommel got transported to an artillery regiment. Rommel soon went back to the regiment 124. Rommel became a platoon leader at the beginning of the First World War, where he had a hip injury. Rommel moves from second lieutenant to first lieutenant. In 1916, Rommel got married to Lucie Maria Mollin in Danzig. That same year Lucie and Erwin had a baby boy. For eight years Rommel was the boss of a machine gun company. Rommel becomes an infantry teacher. In 1934, Rommel sides with Hitler as he takes power.

Hitler names Rommel to the military escort party. Rommel takes total command of the leader escort party. In 1939 the Second World War started, and Rommel is one of Hitler's most trusted generals. Rommel becomes a lieutenant, and then quickly gets total command over the German Africa Corps in Libya. Rommel is successful in Libya so then Hitler decided to give him control of the entire tanks in Africa. Rommel is forced to retreat because of a Britain attack. The axis starts rapidly attacking Africa. Rommel goes to El Alamein in 1942. In El Alamein there was a battle about the North African Campaign. This battle lasted three entire years. The war is starting to go downhill for the German's. Rommel gets severely injured by a low flying French plane. In 1944 as Rommel has a meeting with two other men, he poison's himself.