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There are many strength and few weaknesses before I took ERWT 200. In the past, I always feel confident in my writing like processing on summaries, essays and critical analysis, yet I feel like there was something not right in regards of my knowledge; a part of segment that been hanging out when I relook over my papers, and those weaknesses were descriptions and writing block. Those two important factors are what bother me the most while I began writing my papers. For description, sometimes when we were to be given a specific topic; it can be bit difficult for me to narrow it down by narrating it, explanation and depiction in my point of view, because its hard to find a good way to construct the way you want it and probably the reason why I lack in description. My second problem was writing block, from my beliefs; we all intend to have that kind of issue.

It's hard for me to overcome the ability to produce new ideas or creativity when I think a lot. For that reason, I lack on ideas; therefore, it made me think too much and slowing down my writing skills. For my strengths, I have many strength as I mentioned earlier, but I wanted to share the one important aspect which is syntax. I am capable of putting words together to form phrases, clauses and etc. If you keep on practicing and practicing more likely you will become better than usual.

During EWRT 200, the most important thing I've learned was sentence structure, learning compound, complex, and simple sentence. I believe we have learned it for about a week or so and still I find it amusing to remember the whole definitions and creating each of the sentence structure, because it's very...