This essay is about abortion. It uses many quotes from doctors and scientists arguing pro-choice.

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Abortion is a termination of pregnancy by a surgical procedure (Bishop, 1998, p.1). There are no abortion laws in Canada; however people's opinions about it are quite different. Abortion is a huge issue to which there is really no answer, but there are many opinions and some evidence. Anti-abortionists state that abortion is murder and pro-choice completely disagrees with that statement. This medical procedure is not murder, nor is it immoral. Abortion in not a killing of a human life, it is a termination of 130 cells clumped together (, 1989, p.33); these cells have "potential for life, which is quite different from actual life. The procedure is just a simple and short medical "surgery".

First of all, every fact about pregnancy and the fetus have to be known for one to be sure on whether abortion is wrong. A fertilized ovum is called a zygote and it reaches the uterus only in 3-4 days.

It floats freely in the woman's body for 48 hours. Not until the sixth week does the embryo start to grow. In the sixth week of the pregnancy, the embryo is 1/5 of an inch in length and primitive organs are visible; however they are at the first stage of developing. In other words, one can see just the shape of what is to become organs. The embryo is very small even in the tenth week of the pregnancy. It is about one inch in length and its nervous system responds, but at this stage the nervous system is responsive only in a form of shocks (, It is very important to understand that 90% of abortions are done before the 13th week of the

pregnancy (Regas in Cozic & Tipp, 1991, p.55), therefore the removal of the embryo is not a killing,