Essay analyzing the book 'How to Argue About Abortion' by John Noonan. Essay also analyzes the topic of Pro-Choice Vs. Pro-Life.

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The issue of abortion is by far, one of the most controversial topics in American History and everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic. Although there are many sides to the topic, the issue has divided the majority of people to the two extreme views of the topic --Pro-choice Vs. Pro-life. We can see the main arguments of each side just by analyzing the titles given to the two sides. Those who are pro-life believe that they are in fact Pro-Life and that abortion is murder. Those who are pro-choice believe that they are Pro-choice and that outlawing abortion would take the women's freedom to make a choice about her own body. Feelings and emotions about such an issue are very powerful and it has been the case that both sides will go to extremes to defend what they believe in. Such was the case Rosalie and Hector Zevallos, owners of an abortion clinic who were kidnapped and threatened with their lives, if they would not close down their clinic.

(Glover, CC, 22)

John Noonan is an abbot supporter of the pro-life movement and in his essay, How to Argue About Abortion, he provides many arguments to support his theory that abortion is nothing but the destruction of a living, breathing human being. Noonan attempts to prove his point by first showing counter arguments to many of the traditional pro-choice themes that have been brought up over and over in support of abortion. He then goes on to mention many arguments that he feels can clearly illustrate the logical reasoning of the pro-life movement.

One of Noonan's first topics to discuss is that of "hard cases" which the pro-choice movement argues are valid reasons as to why abortion should be available. The main point of this discussion is...