This essay answers the question "Who teaches Hal to be king?"

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Who teaches Hal to be king? This is important because Hal is a teenager and is looking for a mentor who will teach him to be king, the person who does this is Falstaff. The two sources I used were Henry the Fourth part one by William Shakespeare, and Shakespeare the invention of the human by Harold Bloom. I believe Falstaff teaches Hal to be king. Falstaff teaches Hal to be free of stress and shows him a life like the peasants, which helps him in learning how to be a good king. When understanding the play you need to figure out how Hal turns out the way he does. Falstaff is like a father to Hal, more so then his real father is. In this essay, I will define authority, morality, key lessons to be come king and give four examples on how Falstaff teaches Hal to be king.

In this paragraph, I will describe authority, morality, and the key lessons to be king. Harold Bloom states, "That which we did, that only can we teach; Falstaff, who is free, instructs us in freedom" (276) This excerpt describes how Falstaff instructs Hal to be king. The reason is you have to be free to teach freedom. The reason this quote states this is Hal's dad cannot teach Hal because he does not know how. This quote describes how Falstaff educated Hal that you have to do what you teach. I am going to depict how Falstaff thinks of himself.

This paragraph will express how Falstaff thinks of himself and later how Hal starts to think about himself. "Harry, I see virtue in his looks. If, then, the tree may be known by the fruit, as the fruit by the tree, then, peremptorily I speak it, there is...