This essay is called Kino He's a Character from the Book Called The Pearl And how he over came grate obstacles

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Kino Essay

In John Steinback's the Pearl, Kino a character in the novel was trying to achieve more than what he thought he could, for the life of him and his family. Although in order for him to accomplish his goal, Kino would have to create successful pathways for his future.

To begin, someone who over comes great obstacles creates successful pathways to his future. Kino didn't set any great obstacles for his future. When he found this wonderful pearl he thought this would change his life in a good way, but it changed it in a bad way. Ever one wanted part of it. It caused so much drama for him and his family. He lost everything, including his son. This all happened because of a meaningless pearl. At the end he finally realizes that the pearl was doing nothing but destroying their family so he threw it in the ocean.

Second, someone who stands up for what he believes in establishes opportunities for a better future. This is necessary because in order to want something so bad you have to speak your mind, no matter what the situation is. Although Kino did stand up for what he thought the pearl should be priced at, but he did that towards greed. He wanted to buy his family so many things and the one thing that matter the most was to get his son an education. Throughout his whole life he's been cheated by people who have taken advantage of his people for many years. So why is he now standing up for what he believes the pearl should be priced at? It's because of greed. Greed can put people in jeopardy, because they'll do anything for money.

In order for someone to accomplish almost impossible goals...