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Analysis of Chipotle

The purpose of this project is to tie together the various topics in microeconomics that are discussed during the semester. The project involves an analysis of a particular product or service, a company that produces the product, the industry that produces the product, and an industry that produces a raw material or input used in the production of the product you choose to analyze. Choose any final good or service (no basic commodities, although this could come in the analysis of an input market). Use this as an opportunity to gain knowledge about the economics of a product or service that interests you.

In general, it is easiest to select a product or service provided by a company whose stock is publicly traded. These firms are required to provide a minimum of information to the public. However, if you wish, you may choose a product that is produced by a privately-held company.

Be aware that it may be much more difficult to obtain information about the product and the company.

The project is due on Tuesday, April 25. The final report should be typed. The maximum number of pages for the analysis is 10 pages, double-spaced, although the average report will probably be between 6-8 pages. You may include supporting documents such as news articles or charts if desired on additional pages. The intent of the project is to be thorough, but brief. It is not a full-blown market or product analysis.

There is a late penalty for each day that the project is late. Two percent of the total points possible from the project are deducted for each class day that the project is late. Time is a scarce commodity at the end of the semester. This penalty helps ensure that projects are turned in with...