This essay is a comparitive essay which lays out the movements of Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Dadaism.

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During the post-impressionism movement, an emphasis was taken away from the typical naturalism that flooded the impressionist movement. Colors were caked on the pieces with the idea that the colors would inspire certain feelings in the viewer. Blue colors were to be considered a cool color and red colors are warm. Colors during this movement not only brought out the moods of the viewers but also brought ideas. Red was considered to be a color of passion (Kissick 352)

One person that was especially known for his use of rich colors creating a flat painting was Paul Gauguin. He created an addition to post-impressionism in 1891 of oil on canvas named Ia Orana Maria, which is a portrayal of the Madonna and child. This painting is 44 ¾ x 34 ½ inches in size and originated from the Pacific islands. In this painting, the Madonna is wearing a red dress, which is to suggest a level of warmth.

The others in the painting, to include an angel, include some hue of blue. Also, one thing about this piece that is in need of attention is the placement of the characters on the canvas. Since space was not created, those who are at the bottom of the canvas are made to appear closer to the viewer. Notice that Madonna and child are both off set from the others portrayed in the painting (Kissick 352-3).

Vincent van Gogh is one of my favorite artists of all time. I love the use of lines to bring out movement or texture. In my opinion, his work is done on an entirely different level than anyone of his day. One painting stands out to me when I think of post-impressionism, The Night Café. This piece was created in 1888 of oil on canvas in...