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The Legend of the Giant Panda Man

About the time of the medieval ages , a large shipment of animals from all around the world were brought to the village of Vulcadon. This village was known for it's great animal zoo and military strength. King Justin ordered for this animal collection so they could pick out the most fierce ones . They wanted only the fiercest ones because they were going to train them ,and use them to fight their nemesis the Decay people. Led by Kevin the Great . However, the whole war was soon to change when a young boy named Brad came into play.

Brad visited the pandas every day, he fed them , played with them , and even acted like them. However, one day when Brad went to the zoo he seen some of Kevin's army stealing animals. He even saw one shoot a panda in the back.

Brad then ran up with a rock and smashed it into a soldier's back . The soldiers took Brad and the pandas and they threw Brad into jail for one month.

Every day Brad spent in Decay jail he practiced on how he was going to free the animals . On Brad's second last day his roommate Zack Bello, a so-called magician, gave Brad the power to somewhat change into a Giant Panda. Zack was later brought to the altar of sacrifice where he was killed.

The next day king Kevin let Brad free . That night Brad went to the Decay zoo and freed his giant panda friends . Brad and the panda crew climbed up houses while Brad yelled, " Giant Panda Man lives on". So no one in the city of Decay fell asleep and some people even got beat up by some...