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Gatsby Essay's

1.Gatsby has astronomical expectations for his beloved Daisy. I do not think that Daisy could ever live up to the image that Gatsby has of her. An appropriate adage would be "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Gatsby infatuation for Daisy was violently fed by years of yearning and loneliness.

In our blind lover's eyes Daisy is an angel who can do no wrong. She is everything a women of the twenties should be, like a moral painting. He views her as sweet, loving, innocent, and kindhearted. In reality, Daisy is in it for Daisy: she self centered and very materialistic. She only considered seeing Gatsby again because of him lavish party and splendid house. Daisy isn't a good person to begin with, there is no way that she can do a 360° turn around into the Daisy that Gatsby has fallen so deeply in love with.

I don't think there is anyone in the world that could live but to the expectations of Gatsby! When your deeply and truly in love with someone you tend to over estimate what they can do. There is not a single thing wrong your sweetheart, nor can they do anything wrong. They poses the power to move mountains, you truly see them a faultless.

Gatsby is not only in love with Daisy, but he has also fallen for her "public persona." Daisy was possible the best actress in the entire book, including the show girls at Gatsby's parties. She persuaded everyone around her to think that she was sweet and innocent, when in reality she was very manipulative. She wishes the same personality on her young daughter Pammy. Shortly after finding out that she gave birth to a little girl Daisy says that she hopes she's a fool, a beautiful...