The essay is about the darkness in the book "lord of the flies" by William Golding.

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Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, brings out the evilness in human beings, which is portrayed by dark colors and overall darkness. The novel begins as a group of young, school boys are plane wrecked on a deserted island. The boys must overcome fate and adversity to survive. Throughout history darkness has been associated with sin and the devil. Ironically the title, Lord of the Flies, has been translated into the devil from the Hebrew word Ba'alzevuv (205). This also foreshadows evilness that is going to happen in the novel. Darkness plays a large role throughout the novel representing evilness.

The first aspect of evil shown is through dark clothing. From the beginning Jack and his Choir Boys paint a picture leading the reader to trouble. They are first introduced as dark creatures crawling along in the sand (Lord of the Flies), leaving the reader to believe that the Choir Boys are some kind of animal/beast.

However, they are not beasts... yet; they are a group of young boys covered,"from throat to black cloaks" (19). Which leads the reader to understand they will become evil. Also their skin tone plays a role with evilness. The tribe arrives untanned with minute tension, no real fighting. Things are fine for a while, but when Golding first mentions Simon as being,"...burned by the sun to a deep tan" (56), things start to heat up. This preceded the first murder preformed by Jack. Leaving one to believe Jack is also tanned.

Golding introduces the boys to and unknown creature, the Beast. However, the reader knows there is no beast. This illusion brings in the theme, fear of the unknown. When the boys first learn of the beast, they become scared and frightened. For they do not know...