This essay is a description of the functions of management; planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

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The Future of Management

In the world of business today, a manager's responsibility is to lead an organization's staff to the achievements of previously set goals by planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The future of management seems to be going in the direction of eliminating leading from the list of responsibilities. The role of leading is more frequently being given to employees. The technique of the "team" approach is being added to the workforce, which allows for employees to control ideas and the implementation of the ideas along with many other aspects. Almost always in a team situation, a leader or a spokesperson will emerge. The responsibility of the manager, when using the team approach is to control the amount of work being produced from the team(s). The manager is not managing the business, but managing the employees and allowing employees to run the business. This only happens when the employees are competent and aware of their responsibilities.

Usually this acknowledgement of awareness for responsibility stems from the teachings of a good manager.

A manager's obligation is to guide an organization of staff to the achievements of previously set goals. In order to achieve set goals, a manager must utilize all resources available. An option available to managers is the opportunity to appoint or allow the rise of a shift leader or an area leader. A manager utilizing employees is the most efficient way to delegate responsibilities and to achieve goals. Leading is the process of moving resources toward objectives and goals. A strong leader and motivator keeps employees performing at high-energy levels during low times. It is the manager's responsibility to monitor and keep in line the productivity levels. This trend of appointing shift or area leaders is a method that can be expected to continue to be implemented...